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Nursing Team

Together the nursing team run a full range of nursing duties including asthma, hypertension, family planning, diabetes and other chronic disease management clinics

The nursing team consists of  Annette Powell (Nurse Practitioner), Sally-Ann Fuller  (Nurse), Natalie Hitchens (Nurse), Sharon Robertson (Healthcare Assistant) and Lorna Butcher (Healthcare Assistant).

Practice Development

The partners and the practice manager meet weekly to discuss day to day business issues of the practice.  In addition to this, half day “away days” are organised to consider the medium and long term direction of the practice.  These meetings are more inclusive.

All the GPs are invited together with the Nurse Practitioners, Practice Manager and Office Manager.

Fees and Allowances

All income earned at the practice is Partnership income except seniority payments, which are allocated to individual doctors. Extra work payments, for example hospital practitioner posts and out of hours work, are also retained individually.

The wider primary healthcare team

The practice enjoys good relations with the community nursing team with whom we co-ordinate the care of the house bound.

The practice’s health visitor and midwife run clinics within the surgery.  They are both dynamic and experienced practitioners.

Secondary Care Facilities

Secondary care is provided by two Hospitals within Ipswich. Ipswich Hospital NHS Trust provides all non-psychiatric services and psycho-geriatric services and St Clements Hospital alongside Woodlands provides general psychiatric services.

In addition St Elizabeth’s Hospice, adjacent to Ipswich Hospital, offers palliative and terminal care both for hospice inpatients and patients cared for in the community through a hospice at home project.

The Treehouse at East Anglian Children’s Hospice provides accommodation and services to children and their families in a non-clinical environment.

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