Telephone01473 556767

Specimens & Test Results

We are provided by the Path Lab with a weekday collection service for all specimens.

Please can you make sure that all samples are brought to reception by 10.00 am

Test Results

Please telephone 01473 556767 after 2.00pm for your test results. Remember to leave sufficient time for the result to be returned to your Doctor.

For reasons of patient confidentiality, test results are given on request only to the person to whom they relate, or the parent/guardian of a child.

NHS, England

Call 111 when it's a concern, but less urgent than 999.
The NHS non-emergency number.

111 is the NHS non-emergency number. It's fast, easy and free. Call 111 and speak to a highly trained adviser, supported by healthcare professionals. NHS 111 is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Calls are free from landlines and mobile phones.

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